Sunrise is the most peaceful time? - Rod Andrewartha
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Sunrise is the most peaceful time?

As the blackness slowly turns grey, then dark blue, then revealing its hints of orange, pink, yellow and white, the peace and tranquility of a sunrise can still the most restive soul. And at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, this would seem to be no exception. So it is…. except you are invariably sharing the moment with over 500 other restive souls, right behind you.

Careful positioning is needed for images like this: it usually means the camera is on a tripod actually in the water, right in the corner of the pond, low for stability and the reflection, a long cable release attached. You have to be alert for the selfie-sticks that can appear from nowhere, all the while watching and waiting for the shuffle, rustle and shove in your back, sending you sprawling into the pond on top of your camera gear.

Ah yes, the peace of a sunrise at Angkor Wat. Nothing quite like it!

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