Biography - Rod Andrewartha
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Rod Andrewartha

I’m an international airline pilot, aeronautical engineer and photographer, in no specific order. I’ve been flying commercially for more than twenty years and using cameras for twice as long. Prior to joining Qantas as a pilot I worked as an engineering officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Working as a pilot and having photography interests means a penchant for travel and reportage photography. When flying I always carry a camera and will regularly take advantage of layovers between flights to capture the colour and culture of the world in pictures. Asia is a favourite destination for work and holidays, with destinations spanning the continent from Turkey to Japan.

I live near the beach in Sydney, where I enjoy swimming and scuba diving. Aside from digital photography, I also enjoy film photography and developing. Aside from working with Nikon DSLR’s, I’m the proud owner of a Leica M3 camera from 1961, a Nikon FE from the 70’s, occasionally break out a Mamiya medium-format camera from the 70’s and recently refurbished my grandmother’s Kodak Box Brownie from the 1920’s.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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