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Sopheap is a success story from the Sala Baï Hotel School in Cambodia that I support. Since graduating in 2007 she’s worked in 5-star hotels and high-end retail. She currently runs the Heritage Adventure Tours business at the 5-star Heritage Suites Hotel in Siem Reap. She is 30 years old and unmarried.


But she needs help. Ten years ago a doctor told her that a silicone injection in her nose would improve her looks. She followed this poor advice and has had serious problems ever since. For ten years she’s battled infections, inflammation, blistering and breathing difficulties, aside from dealing with the cosmetic aspects. Three procedures to try fixing the problem have been unsuccessful; if anything, they have made things worse. Her condition is steadily deteriorating.  Appearance aside, there’s a growing risk that the silicone foreign matter will cause vision problems and even cerebral problems in the future. A recent biopsy has left an open, unhealed wound.


She’s been to several hospitals in Bangkok. They advise that her only option is surgery, in which the foreign matter would be removed along with much of the nasal tissue. A graft would then be performed using skin from her forehead. This operation can be performed in Bangkok for around USD 8000.


I’ve known Sopheap for nine years and she is an wonderful person. She never complains about her situation. She supports her extended family of seven people. She is an outstanding, customer-focused employee at the Heritage Suites Hotel. She is on the Alumni Board for the Sala Baï School. She doesn’t hide her disfigurement, instead counseling younger Cambodians on the risks of cosmetic procedures.


At Christmas I reflect on how lucky we are in Australia. And also on how we can’t help everyone in the world but we can help some people.


Sopheap deserves a chance to get her health back. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable about her appearance. I’m determined to help Sopheap regain her health, looks and self-esteem.


The Sala Baï’s parent organisation in Paris can fund about half the cost. I’ll personally contribute $500-1000 and I have several other fundraising initiatives underway to raise the balance. If you, as an individual, would like to help by donating even a small amount it would be a wonderful thing you do. Thank you.

Electronic fund transfer details:

BSB  732-051

Acct  556176

Or Paypal:

Please include the word “Sopheap” in the transaction so I can attribute it to this project.


Call me on (0411) 881 495 or email for more information or with any questions.


** Should we exceed the amount needed, I’ll contact each donor in reverse chronological order and seek their instructions on what to do with the donation. Options would include putting it towards the Sala Bai Hotel School general monies, or a full refund.

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