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B747 Community Watch
Special Group Offer

This group offer for the Bremont B747 Community watch is exclusively for current and former B747 pilots and flight engineers. The price is A$4499 inclusive of all taxes and freight to Australia. It is for the package as shown at

The watch features a B747 graphic, a tail fin graphic in the livery of the first B747 to fly 50 years ago, Boeing engravings on the reverse and the Boeing logo on the face in Boeing blue colour. The package includes the Seattle strap with Boeing blue stitching and a canvas NATO strap of your choice.

This is a significant discount on the base watch (which sells in Australia for A$7600 RRP) and is a better price than ordering the watch individually from Britain.  For this price we need a minimum order of 20 units. Only 747 of these timepieces are being made and sold worldwide. Lead time for the group order would be 8-12 weeks.

Click on the images on this page and the Bremont link for more details.

Until recently the seconds hand was white-coloured. I felt the tail of that hand was too large to be white and could look like a fifth hand. If you refer to the latest Bremont brochure you’ll see they’ve changed the hand in just the last few weeks to black colour. This is the same hand as on another generic Boeing model they do.  I consider the black colour difficult to see.

I’ve proposed a third option to Bremont: colour the seconds hand red for this group order.  See their sample images on this page. It is more visible, more striking and adds a special quality to this group order while maintaining the B747 Community watch design.

Owning this watch says you are a member of the worldwide club that has flown the B747 during its 50 years of operations.  With only 747 of these timepieces being sold it’s an exclusive club you would join.

Right now I’m calling for expressions of interest. If you feel you may like one of these watches, email me obligation-free at I also want your opinion on what colour the seconds hand should be. I do like the red version. Bremont could be convinced to do it but the lead time may be significantly longer. With solid interest in this group order I will have some leverage on that.

Email or call +61 411 881 495 with any questions.

Red 2

Red seconds hand. Seattle strap.

Prototype B747-121 “City of Everett”, 1969.

Reverse view

Red seconds hand. Metal bracelet option shown (additional cost).

Black seconds hand. Seattle strap.

White seconds hand. Seattle strap.

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